Digital Door Knocking

High Tech Data & High Touch Marketing is at Your Door



Data doesn't lie... right?

Using data for business and marketing analytics is now a necessity to stay competitive. But with the drastic increase in data generation, what you do with data is more important than ever.

While the adage “data doesn’t lie” is true, you don’t have data to questions you’re not asking. This is were Digital Door Knocking comes in.

We help partner organizations acquire, analyze and act on data to create meaningful consumer connections. We knock on the “digital doors” of your target audiences, and, using our proprietary tools, ask them questions and analyze responses. Then we deliver targeted messages to their inbox, text threads, websites and native phone apps. 

We are a high tech, high touch digital group committed to reaching and mobilizing your audiences.


We offer data collection for business purposes in the fields of consumer acquisition, product promotion, market research, and public opinion.

Lead Generation

Find brand new qualified leads for your organization, and message directly to them using email, text and ads.

Data Analysis

Using our leads or yours, we can append and model your data to find new meaningful consumer connection points.

Marketing / Advertising

We can amplify your messges to your target audience using our digital networks and propritatary tools.